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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

How to make a monster!

Had such a lovely day yesterday, reading Cath Kidston's latest catalogue/magazine in the sunshine, boys playing happily together.. ahhh, bliss! Then I spotted a reader's letter that spurred me into immediate action. The idea was (sort of) this: get your little ones to draw a monster, then recreate said monster in fabric.. i.e. make a cuddly version of their drawing!

Charlie and Harry loved the idea and were more than happy to play along. So here's Charlie's drawing:
Basically a sausage-shaped creature with wonky arms, spiky hair and a big smile. After choosing a scrap of fabric, ribbons and buttons (free with a magazine).. and a lot of trial and error.. here's what I managed to produce:

Charlie loves it.. and has named it Mr Flowery Monster. Perfect!

With barely time to catch my breath, I was ordered back upstairs to the craft room to find fabric for Harry's monster. He chose a beautiful Melon Mambo-esque pink (to my surprise.. it's normally blue all the way with Harry). This time I thought I'd capture the process and learn from my many mistakes..

Here's Harry's design:

... and here's what to do!

1. Trace the design onto tracing paper, cut it out and pin it to two layers of fabric, good sides on the inside. Cut out the design, leaving a centimetre all round.

2. Sew eyes, nose and mouth (as dictated by the design) on to the front piece of fabric. Remember to leave enough room around the edge for hemming.
3. Turn the two pieces back-to-back again and tack around the edges, leaving the bottom edge open. If you are including ribbons for hair or limbs, tuck these in as you tack around... remember the long parts should be INSIDE at this stage! (Yes.. I didn't do this the first time..). Sew around edges with sewing machine, reinforcing the parts with ribbons sticking out (or just sew round the whole lot twice).

Sorry - forgot to take picture of this stage!

4. Turn monster inside-out and check everything is in the right place. Correct things if, like me, you messed up ;o)

5. Stuff with toy stuffing and sew up the bottom edge, adding ribbon legs if desired.

Voila!!! Meet Mr Pink Monster! I'm delighted to say, Harry loves him.

All buttons and ribbons on this one were from Stampin' Up!

Hope you like my monsters too!

Sarah x


scrappyjacky said...

What a lovely idea,Sarah.
And thanks for the catalogue which arrived today.....when does your next order go in?

Pat said...

Awww how sweet. Love your two boys!

Linny said...

these are great Sarah. Its such fun to get the children involved in crafting. Lindax

simplyfairies said...

bloomin brilliant...lol